The Wishdosher update

I’m updating and rewriting The Wishdosher. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but have put it off whilst writing other stories. Procrastination is often a part of a writer’s life and I find that it creeps into my writing life quite often. Checking emails, Facebook posts and doing research online is much nicer and easier than getting on with typing into my computer. Ask any writer. I’m sure they’ll agree. There are all sorts of ways of beating procrastination (You can look them up online, too.) and I have tried a few. Somehow, you must focus on your page and start writing. You can’t improve something if you haven’t written it and your work always needs improving. Somehow, then, I have to get to the page I’m working on and type some more of the story. So! I’m going to stop here and go write some more of The Wishdosher.