About me

I was born ages ago in Ilford in Essex.  I lived with my two older brothers and parents on a council estate, where I went to local schools.

I had childhood eczema, then hayfever and finally asthma. My asthma was bad as a child. There were no asthma pumps then. So I grew up thin and weedy, couldn’t run and was no good at sports and once I’d learnt to read, (thank goodness for teachers) I was a bit of a bookworm.

After school, I worked in a bank and then offices for a few years. None of which really suited me. So I went to college to become a teacher. I met my wife there and we have two grown up children who have both got married and moved out, though they do come back to see us.

I was a primary school teacher for over thirty years. Since I stopped teaching I have concentrated on my storytelling and writing stories for children and have published two stories so far. There are lots more stories to come.