Published books

Return to Eden

A future world is locked in perpetual winter. Survivors inhabit a coal pit, subject to a harsh, authoritarian regime. Finn, a young tech prodigy, is banished to the icy wastes. A mysterious purple crystal unlocks his memories and psychic gifts. He survives, guided by a benign force to sanctuary and Nisha, an empathic friend. Hunting supplies, Finn encounters Moot, whose psychic abilities echo his own. Together, they risk all to traverse a frozen ocean. Can they solve the enigma of the Earth’s past, set if free from its ice age and return to Eden.

Charlotte and the Painted Pixies

Charlotte and the Painted Pixies

Charlotte loves painting. But she’s spilt her paint and it’s there in a puddle all night. In the morning there are lots of footprints around the paint. Who has stepped in the paint puddle? Daddy thinks it’s a mouse and sets a trap that night. What will they find in the trap in the morning? Is it a mouse or something else? A something else that you can’t usually see.

What did Charlotte find in the morning?

The Glitter Monster children's book

The Glitter Monster

All the glitter’s gone. Tommy’s class has used it all. The school has run out and there’s no time for Tommy to buy more. He can’t finish his Christmas card and enter the school Christmas card competition. Tommy feels left out and sad. Sometimes help comes from surprising places.

Can Tommy find a new friend to help with the glitter? And is he still in time to enter the Christmas card competition?

The Restaurant Bear

The Restaurant Bear

After Ian and Rachel’s parents buy The Bear restaurant, someone steals meat from the fridge. When Ian’s sweets go missing too, the children decide to investigate!

What is the secret of the stuffed bear’s head hanging on the wall in the restaurant? Why are their parents’ redecorating plans such a disaster?

Together with their new school friend Serafina, They must find a way to prevent the catastrophe that threatens The Restaurant Bear!


Described as a dynamic and distinctive storyteller, Colin tells tales that children love. He uses the techniques and enthusiasm gained over 30 years of teaching, including eight years as a popular supply teacher.

Colin’s workshops encourage both oral and written storytelling, helping children use their imaginations to produce their own original stories. So if you want to put some imagination into your student’s stories, call Colin.

As well as drawing on the traditional repertoire, Colin tells stories he has written especially for children. Younger children love ‘The Sticker Monster’ and ‘The Squeaky Pen’, whilst ‘Big Green Walking Cloak’ is great for all ages. “The Pumpkin Tree’ is perfect for older juniors, as is ‘Two Brothers’ and ‘The Ogres Gold’.

Colin has tales for all occasions and can tell on many themes, such as Greece, India and Australia. Younger children like Annansi and Brer Rabbit. They love making up their own stories using the characters in the stories and adding their own.

Colin’s sessions are flexible and can be shaped to suit the needs of individual schools.